Name That Veggie


Lemon Cucumbers



Lemon Cucumbers are super crunchy and milder than their regular long green counterparts. Perfect for salads or just munching on, these little cukes are a great conversation piece, too!




 Summer Squash - 8-Ball, Round de Nice and patty pan

Ronde de Nice Squash, an Italian heirloom variety, are one of the tastiest summer squash available. The round, green slightly striped fruit is ideal for stuffing but can be used for any recipe calling for summer squash.

Patty Pan Squash, with it's scalloped edge is a delightful summer squash. It has a relatively small seed cavity making it perfect for eating raw in salads or on a crudites tray. Try them sauteed on it's own or with other summer squash.




Romanesco Cauliflower is noted for its large, bright almost lime green heads with groups of pointed spirals. The beautiful pattern is intriguing!  These cauliflower have a mild, nutty taste.


Graffiti Cauliflower Feel free to steam, sautée, or lightly boil Graffiti -- it may become a bit less intense, but won't lose its essential purple hues! And to keep the color even stronger, add a dollop of lemon juice or vinegar to the pot before cooking!



French Breakfast Radish is a root vegetable related to the turnip and horseradish family, with a crisp texture and a mild to delicately sweet flavor. It is generally served raw, used as hors d'oeuvres or a compliment to salads. Store radishes without the leafy tops in a the refrigerator.



Eggplants come in all shapes and sizes from deep purple to creamy white, even green. This one grown at Avalon Farms Homegrown just happens to resemble Michigan's lower peninsula.


Sweet Basil is an iconic Italian herb known for being used in pesto, caprese salad and hundreds of other Italian dishes. Grapefruit basil martini anyone? . 



Kohlrabi is a very strange looking plant while it's growing but it's actually very tasty! Eaten raw it's crunchy and juicy. It can be used for 'slaw' or other salads but it's also good cooked, too!




Brussels Sprouts look a little odd growing in the gardens. When the leaves are removed it looks a bit like a pine tree with little cabbages on it.  



Roma Tomatoes are meaty with smaller seed cavity than beefsteak type tomatoes, which makes them great for making sauces, such as pasta sauce. They're also great to eat on salads!


Beefsteak Tomatoes are typically round but can be in a wide variety of colors from orange red to pink red, to yellow and everything in between. There are thousands of varieties of tomatoes. Not only do colors vary but so does flavor.





Hakurei           Scarlet Queen Red StemsHakurei turnip is a Japanese variety often referred to as a salad turnip. They're sweet, juicy and crunchy. No need to peel, just wash and eat.


Okra is well known for it's use in Southern cuisine. Frequently combined with bacon, tomatoes and corn, it's also served fried in cornmeal, used to thicken gumbo, and pickled. The blossoms are very pretty and edible!