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Share of the Farm Program

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Growing Practices


Share of the Farm Program

What's unique about the Share of the Farm program at Avalon Farms Homegrown?

Variety - What’s a summer in Michigan without cherries and peaches in season? We secure some products from other Michigan family farms and include them in the shares so you can enjoy much of what our great state grows.

Choice - we let you choose the items you want that week and the amount. Now you can get the fresh veggies and fruit your family loves.



What does it cost and how do I sign-up?

See the Online Market for options, pricing and online registration. 



My Share

I love to eat _____ (insert product) but I've run out of ideas of what to do with it. Any suggestions?

Cook it. Bake it. Grill it. Freeze it. Can it. This is summer's abundance at it's best. Recipes, storage tips and directions for preparation are provided with the deliveries.



Growing Practices

How can you have tomatoes available in May?

Ah, the glories of a greenhouse. Thanks to our greenhouses we can grow plants year around and pick hydroponic tomatoes from April through November.


What are your growing practices? Are you certified organic?

While we follow a number of sustainable practices we are not certified organic.

  • We use integrated pest management tactics, like rotating crops to different parts of the gardens, to help avoid insect, disease and weed pest problems.
  • We use lady beetles in the lettuce house to control aphids and incarsea to control white flies in the tomato house.
  • Weed, disease and insect pests are monitored and we take action only if they start to negatively impact quality or production. We then use crop protectant products appropriate for the pest problem we're facing using organically labeled products when available. Much of our produce is pesticide free.
  • Our partnering farmers are also responsible growers and share our concern for protecting soil and water resources.


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"Your CSA is one of the best things I've ever done for me or my family."

"Participating in the CSA has encouraged me and my family to try new produce we wouldn't normally try."

Avalon Farms is a verified MAEAP farm.

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