Welcome to Avalon Farms Homegrown!

We're so glad you've decided to visit us at our website! You're invited to visit us at the farm as well. If you arrive at the farm, or The Veggie Barn, and there's no one to greet you, except for one of the friendly dogs, give us a call at 269-720-2279 for Brigette, 269-720-2287 for Larry, or 269-207-3027 for Kelly. Someone will be right out to help you!

At Avalon Farms Homegrown we pride ourselves in producing a variety of high quality vegetables in our greenhouses, high tunnels and market gardens while protecting soil and water resources for those who will farm this land in the future. Four generations of our family have now lived and worked on this farm, located near Climax. Our intent is to help Michigan families learn more about Michigan agriculture and eat more of what Michigan farm families produce.



Michigan is one of our country’s most agriculturally diverse states, second only to California in the number of crops we produce. Michigan farmers produce some 300 crops on a commercial basis. So why not enjoy them? Our produce hasn't traveled far so it is fresh and retains both flavor and nutrients. And you're supporting your local economy. Michigan agriculture contributes more than $101 Billion to the Michigan's economy on an annual basis.