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Posted 5/18/2009 10:14am by Brigette Leach.

Come visit us at the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Farmers' Markets on Saturday mornings.


In season right now we have collard greens, swiss chard, radishes, asparagus, rhubarb, arugula, mixed mustard greens and hydroponic tomatoes, salad greens and herbs.

Posted 5/18/2009 10:09am by Brigette Leach.

This weekend's cold nights and frost certrainly didn't help the plants. Luckily we only have pretty hardy plants in the ground. We won't know for a couple of days yet if there was any damage.

Posted 5/11/2009 2:02pm by Brigette Leach.

The 2009 Share of the Farm season is coming quickly!

Share delivery will start probably the first week of June, depending upon Mother Nature. If you’re interested in signing up for this year and haven't yet, please contact us with your order.
Orders can be mailed, called in or placed on the web site.
· Mail to 14302 East OP Ave., Climax, MI  49034
· (also accepts credit cards)
· Call Kelly at 269-207-3047

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon,
The Crew at Avalon Farms

Posted 4/27/2009 11:17am by Brigette Leach.

Outdoor Gardens

Onion sets were planted in the gardens last week and they were plowed over the weekend.

We planted seeds all last week. We’ll plant almost 34,000 garden plants this year. 

First each tray is packed with soil, and then a seed planted in each plant compartment. Trays are labeled, water and placed in the high tunnel greenhouse for regular watering and to germinate. The first plants have already sprouted.






High Tunnel Greenhouse

This house has a whole new look. Lettuces, leeks and onions are planted for the first farmers’ markets. A third of the floor space is dedicated to trays of germinating garden plants.


















Hydroponic Tomatoes

The hydroponic tomatoes are doing well. They’re about 3’ high now with loads of green tomatoes.

Hydroponic Lettuce House
Lettuce and herbs continue to thrive in the lettuce house. We’ve planted our second set of lettuce plants and production is good. We’ve supplied some to local restaurants and they’ve available to individuals as well. If you’d like some, drop us an email or buy them through the web site at Online Market/Fresh & Dry Produce ( Marjoram, parsley and basil are also growing and available for sale.

Posted 4/7/2009 9:07am by Brigette Leach.

So much for this gardening goal....


Planting this week would require digging through snow so we'll miss this gardening deadline.

Posted 3/31/2009 1:53pm by Brigette Leach.

The crocuses in my yard are nice, but I prefer the first tomato blossoms of spring.

The hydroponic tomato plants have started to blossom. Right now the greenhouse is a sea of green leaves, a welcomed color this time of year, with a sprinkling of yellow blossoms. Soon it will be a sea of yellow, which will quickly turn red with fruit.

We put in an order for honey bees today. We'll introduce a hive in the greenhouse to go to work pollinating the blossoms. The bees are happy as long as they have food from the flowers, and happy worker bees make for happy human workers too.

Green is good for tomato leaves and basketball too at this homestead. Go MSU Spartans!



Posted 3/27/2009 9:17am by Brigette Leach.


Pay for your share in full by April 15 to receive two weeks of the Salad Bowl Bonus Pack free.

If you've already paid, thank you. If you'd like an updated balance to show payments and deposits received to date, please drop us an email request to

Mail payments to Avalon Farms, 14302 East OP Ave., Climax, MI  49034. Unfortunatly partial payments can not be made online.

Thank you.

Posted 3/16/2009 1:51pm by Brigette Leach.
Hydroponic salad greens

We have hydroponic mixed salad greens available on a first come first serve basis. The mix includes a combination of leaf and romaine varieties like merlot, buttercrunch, arugula and more.


The greens are $4/pound and available for pick-up at the farm with one day's notice. Delivery is available for orders of 10 or more pounds. (You may want to contact neighbors or co-workers for others who may want a portion of your 10 pound order.)


Visit the Online Market to place your order.


Posted 3/12/2009 9:03am by Brigette Leach.

Hydroponic tomato plants transplanted to larger cubes.Last week we transplanted the hydroponic tomato plants into larger cubes of rock wool to support their growing root base.


This week they’re being “planted” in the hydroponic pails filled with perlite. Perlite is a volcanic glass in which concentric fractures impart a distinctive structure resembling masses of small spheroids. It’s the white beads found in potting soil.  

Posted 2/6/2009 5:45am by Brigette Leach.

Oh, the seduction of seed catalogs. They bring promise of spring, green and all things that taste wonderful! They are especially enticing this year when it's been so bitterly cold and snowy.

Laurie and Kelly have spent time over the last week or so deciding how much of what to plant.  First they reviewed what we planted last year, how each crop grew and produced. If it didn't grow well - why not? Was it because of the variety, where we planted it or the weather? Should we give it another shot? The seduction of seed catalogs.

We hope to have more shares this year so we worked back from our goal number of shares to how many plants we think we need to meet that production. With all of the factors in Mother Nature's control it's tough to predict.

And not all of the seeds will germinate so how many seeds do we plant? Inventory and subtract the number of seeds we have left from last year and finally determine how many seeds to buy. And don't forget, there's staggered plantings of many crops to have a longer harvest, so count in those extras too.

Then the shopping begins. How many varieties of eggplant should we grow? What companies carry seeds for each variety and who has the best price? There's lots of oohhhs, aahhs and "doesn't that look good". The photos look so great that it's easy to be seduced into buying a little of everything!

The catalogs now look like the Super Bowl play book with descriptions boxed, starred, some crossed out, pages eartagged and torn. There's a stack of notes, lists and spreadsheets too, but at last the seed order has been placed.

Phew. Who knew it took 3,000 summer squash seeds to feed 300 households?