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Ginger Arrived From Hawaii!

Posted 3/1/2018 4:32pm by Kelly Leach.

It's here! Last November I ordered 15 pounds of ginger from Hawaiian Organic Ginger in Pahoa, Hawaii, 5 pounds each of Yellow Hawaiian, Bubba Blue and Khing Yai. A few years back on a trip to Hawaii we spent a day with Biker Dude learning about ginger, turmeric and more. It was very interesting!

As soon as the ginger hands arrive we put them into a soil-less germinating mix that we keep on hand for seed starting and onto the heat mats at the office. In a few weeks those hands will develop buds and eventually shoot up some leaves. Once the soil temperatures in the high tunnels are warm enough we'll transplant it. Even with warmth and plenty of water ginger grows slowly. Harvest will begin in September!

Baby Ginger is a real treat, and nothing like the ginger root available in grocery stores, which for the most part comes from China. I love to make ginger tea, candied ginger and pickled ginger with it!


Ginger Now

Young Ginger at Harvest

Young Ginger at Harvest