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About our farm.

Our concern for our community, and soil and water resources is the framework for our family business. We have committed to continue using the land for food production by enrolling more than 500 acres into Michigan's Purchase of Development Rights program. We are the 50th farm to do so and are proud that future generations of the family will have the opportunity to farm the land just as generations have before them.

Avalon Farms has been in the family since 1932 and the focus of the operation has changed to meet consumer demands. Over time the farm has been a dairy operation, finished hogs and grown seed corn, commercial corn and soybeans.

In 1999 we built the hydroponic greenhouse and in 2002 we began our Share of the Farm subscription delivery service. We refer to it as a "hybrid CSA" (CSA stands for community supported agriculture). We have modified our program over the years to meet our customers needs. During spring, summer and fall our on farm market will be stocked with all the wonderfully fresh produce we raise, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables raised by family farms from all over Michigan. These farmers are not just business relationships, but friends as well. From Trever and Jason Meachum in Hartford we get strawberries, nectarines and Honey Crisp apples. The outstanding dark sweet cherries we include each summer are the work of Josh and Barb Wunsch from Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City. The Wilson family of Galesburg raise our beef. Jim Kreitner provides us with wonderful white peaches, pears and other fruit.

Eating fresh, locally grown Michigan products helps us all. Even our communities benefit, since locally spent food dollars circulate back into the community between 3 and 7 times. It is estimated that if every Michigan household spent just 5% more on local food, it would keep over $700 million more circulating within Michigan.

We utilize environmentally sound farming practices, however we are not certified organic. We use many prevention practices like resistant seeds and varieties, rotating crops, beneficial insects and pest scouting. Much of the farm is still devoted to conventional corn, wheat and soybean production. We have completed a voluntary program called the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program verifying our practices to prevent pollution risks.


From our members...

"Your CSA is one of the best things I've ever done for me or my family."

"Participating in the CSA has encouraged me and my family to try new produce we wouldn't normally try."

Avalon Farms is a verified MAEAP farm.

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